By outsourcing the logistics of your operation to us, you are able to focus on critical assignments for your organization, reducing costs and hiring experts.

We offer a complete logistic management of your import and export operations, including international freights, warehousing and national distribution.

Door to Door services: We collect the merchandise at your door in the country of origin, and we deliver it to your client's facilities in the country of destination with minimal involvement on your part.

International Freights: We handle land, air and maritime freights. Both full container loads and less than a container loads.

Customs Services: We manage the customs clearance of your merchandise, both in country of origin and destination.

Warehousing: We offer personalized solutions according to your business model, your unique supply chain and your product's characteristics. These solutions include inventory management, packaging, labelling and handling.

Bonded warehouse: By being kept in this special warehouse, your merchandise from abroad can be kept without paying import taxes until you need to hand it over to your client. With this option, your cash flow could be greatly improved.

Another advantage of this model is that your merchandise in the bonded warehouse could undergo acts of exhibition, demonstration, conservation, assembling, labelling, packaging and examination. All of this so you can be in line with Mexican regulations and also fullfil your client's needs.

National and International Distribution: We distribute your merchandise to the final destination, taking into account a broader national and international strategy to minimize delivery time and costs.

Insurance policy for the transfer of goods: During the process of transfer, all merchandise is susceptible of a sinister, this is why it is always advisable to hire an insurance policy. For your tranquility, we offer insurance policies that go from a basic coverage to an all-risk coverage.

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